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Piano Technique

Training of the Musical Ear

Most pianists don't have the faculty of hearing themselves correctly. They are accustomed to notice the character of the scales and eventually to recognize wrongly touched tones. Noticing the exact tone pitch is not as important as noticing the exact tone quality, tone duration and tone strength. All in all, listening to one's self is one of the most important factors of music study. The thorough training of the ear is a prerequisite of rapid progress and it should be developed systematically and with full concentration.

To have an accurate knowledge of the piece of music is necessary before starting to practice with it. Systematic logical thinking helps the students play a piece from memory. As a result, students will acquire the skills to prepare the technical execution through visualization

But teachers should only advise students to play from memory only one or two measures in every lesson. To exert the muscles consciously and relax them consciously with a feeling of relaxation from within to avoid strain of the muscles when playing the piano.

Natural Movement and Correct Position

Students must be taught how to relax their arms muscles. To demonstrate this, lifting their arm with your hand and draw away the hand to let it fall. In this manner a feeling for relaxing the muscles can be obtained.

The natural position of the hand with relaxed muscles, as is the case when we walk. The fingers would naturally curve inwards.

The player should sit well forward on the chair without a support for the back. The upper part of the body should incline slightly forward and upper arm, bent forward, should hang loosely from the shoulder joint. And the seat should be adjusted high enough to allow the lifted lower arm to be on the level with the keyboard.

Try to avoid unnecessary movements as they would strain the muscles and they endanger not only the tone struck but also the following ones.

The tension of the wrist must be slight and must never be permitted to degenerate into stiffness or cramp.

The fingers are the servitors of the brain, they perform the action the brain commands. Therefore, by means of a well-trained ear, it is clear to the brain how to execute correctly, the fingers will do their work correctly.

Relaxation is of the very greatest importance. Only by means of the relaxed arm can impulses proceeding from the brain be transformed, without restraint, into finger movements. This is the quickest way to gain control over the fingers.



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